Full HD FHD camera (LVDS/TVI/AHD)

Including various driving recorders and reversing visual camera equipment. The FHD camera has become an important component of image processing-related high-tech equipment for vehicles, including important applications such as the driving assistance system ADAS/commercial vehicle exterior mirror CMS/surround view system BVS. We are fully equipped with the production capacity of mainstream market products, and have provided related products for many automobile manufacturers, which can be customized according to customer needs.

3D HD 360 Surround View System

The 360-degree panoramic parking imaging system uses 4 ultra-wide-angle cameras installed on the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle body to collect images around the vehicle at the same time. After processing by a unique image correction and stitching algorithm, a 360-degree panoramic top view of the vehicle is formed, which is displayed in real time. On the display device of the console. Each perspective view can also be switched and displayed separately as needed.


Streaming video system

Through the rear-mounted high-definition camera, the rear view of the vehicle is imaged and recorded, and real-time image information is displayed on the rear-view mirror to replace and surpass the function of the traditional inner rear-view mirror. At the same time, the rearview field of view has been increased by more than 3 times to about 80 degrees, and the ground blind area can be reduced from 10M to 3M.

Folding exterior mirror system

In a narrow traffic scene, the system can automatically fold the rearview mirror to avoid scratching. At the same time, in conjunction with the high-definition camera installed on the rearview mirror, it also maintains complete visibility in the scene of the exterior mirror folded.



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