ADAS - Advanced Driving Assistance System

ADAS is an industry-recognized transition technology for autonomous driving. Based on the information provided by the driving recorder and other sensor equipment, more professional driving assistance information will be provided to the driver after the system analyzes the data. Based on the accumulation of R&D and production of high-definition cameras for several years, we have begun to get involved in the R&D and manufacturing of ADAS related systems.

The ADAS driving recorder developed and manufactured in cooperation with domestic first-line AI manufacturers has been delivered for mass production and loading. Functions include Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) for collision prevention, Forward Collision Warning (FCW) for collision prevention, and Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) for speeding prevention, etc.

Vehicle face unlock

The system realizes the unlocking of the vehicle through face recognition, the entry and management of face permissions through the B-pillar device, and the unlocking of the vehicle through the face or fingerprint.

  • Unlock within 1 second
  • Recognition accuracy rate 99.2%
  • Support live detection

Driving behavior monitoring

Through the information provided by the camera in the car, the system will judge the driver's status according to the human body posture, facial expression, etc., and send real-time reminders or send alarms to relevant management personnel to avoid traffic accidents.

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