Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensing technology is an indispensable part of automotive electronic safety solutions. The products we provide include analog/digital, active/passive probes with various detection distances and supporting ECU, LED display, buzzer and other components.

Parking assist system

In this system, the central control receives the sensor signals installed in the car and calculates the distance between the front and rear of the car and the obstacle. When the distance is too short, it will sound an alarm and display the reversing image on the center console or navigation system. The system also provides a switch button to turn off the parking assist when it is not needed.

The driver can use this as a reference to reduce scratches and collisions during parking.


Millimeter wave sensing applications

Compared with infrared and laser, millimeter wave radar has stronger anti-interference ability of light and heat radiation. Millimeter-wave radar products work at a frequency of 24G, detect targets in the blind area and proximity of the rear view mirror on the side of the car, measure the distance, speed and azimuth angle of the target, and provide different services in different driving scenarios ,like:

  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Rear horizontal target early warning
  • Door opening warning


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